What to Expect During a Dental Checkup

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No one should be immune from needing a dental checkup every six months. These appointments have many benefits for people of all ages. You should stay on top of your oral health by seeing the dentist regularly. If you have gotten off track and have not had an examination in a long time, you should understand what will happen when you see the dentist next.

Choosing the right dentist

There could be many reasons why a patient needs to select a new dentist. People who move to a new area might need to find a different provider. Some people’s insurance may change, which could require going with a new dentist. Other patients simply may be unhappy with their current dentist’s office.

Regardless of the reason, there are some essential traits that all dentists must have. Patients should look for an experienced dentist and one that offers a full range of services. Dentists that can treat both children and adults are important to keep an eye out for as well. Another tip is to pick a dentist that is close to the patient’s home.

Expect to talk about previous dental care and overall health

When getting a new patient in the office, dentists want to learn more about the person. A first dental checkup may start by the patient filling out a health questionnaire. This will detail the person’s health history and point out any conditions the individual may have. If possible, the patient’s previous dental records will transfer to the new office. The dentist can evaluate these, which will help in upcoming care and treatments.

Looking for decay

Cavities are one of the biggest ailments that people will have when it comes to oral health. At a dental checkup, the hygienist will take X-rays. This will help the dentist spot any developing or existing cavities. These pictures give the dentist a close-up view of the tooth and surrounding tissue. If there are other problems such as infections or bone loss, they will show up on the X-ray.

Buildup removal

Every dental checkup will include a thorough teeth cleaning. Using a hand tool or an ultrasonic brush, the hygienist will chip away at any plaque or tartar buildup on the gumline or between the teeth. This procedure will help reduce the risk of cavities and infections. The hygienist will also polish and floss the teeth.

Fluoride and dentist’s look

Before examining the patient, the dentist may give a fluoride treatment. This protects the tooth and can help prevent cavities. The dentist will then examine the teeth and gums for any problematic issues. The patient can also ask questions and discuss any essential treatments.

Feel good about your next dental checkup

For many people, going to the dentist’s office is not the most exciting visit of the year. However, just like taking a car into the shop for a tune-up, a wellness checkup is critical for your oral wellness. The dentist and hygienist will take you through some procedures to clean your mouth and maintain your teeth and gums. Make a point to schedule your next appointment at the dentist’s office.

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