What You Should Know About Partial Dentures in Huntsville

Partial DenturesIf you have lost one or several teeth, partial dentures in Huntsville can be used to replace them. While most people think of dentures as a full set of false teeth, that is only one type of denture.  When you lose only some of your teeth, we can use a partial set of dentures as a dependable, replacement solution. To find out if this is a good solution for you, call our office and schedule an appointment.

What you should know

There are two main types of partial dentures in Huntsville. A set of removable dentures, the first option, looks like natural teeth and can be secured to a gum-colored layer or directly to a wire that looks similar to a retainer. This is more common with temporary dentures and is held in place through a series of wires and clasps.  The other option is to get a fixed dental bridge. The new tooth is created and attached to what looks like gums. The difference is that a bridge is secured in place and will not come out at night.  The bridge gets its name and stability from using two natural teeth to hold it in place. A dental crown is placed around the two teeth surrounding the missing one.  These teeth serve as anchors for the bridge, making it possible for you to have a tooth replacement that functions like a natural tooth without slipping out of place.  Both are excellent solutions so whichever one you choose should depend on your lifestyle and appearance goals.

If you are looking for stability and convenience, we recommend a fixed bridge.  If, however, you are not sure how you want to replace your missing teeth in the long-term, you may want removable partial dentures. Some patients, for example, want to get dental implants but are not ready to do so.  Wearing dentures in the meantime can be a good idea.


Though we offer partial dentures, we also offer a more durable and permanent replacement solution – dental implants. To permanently replace a tooth, we must also replace the missing root. We complete this task by implanting a titanium post under the surface of your gums and securing it to your jawbone. The jawbone and post will eventually fuse together. This process is known as osseointegration and it is beneficial for two reasons – it provides the necessary stimulation to your jawbone while also providing stability for your new tooth. This symbiotic relationship is incredibly beneficial and once complete, the new tooth (crown) can be attached. The result is so natural looking that people have a difficult time telling the difference between a natural tooth and the synthetic one. Since it also behaves the same, it is possible to forget that you ever lost a tooth in the first place. Taking care of an implant is also easy because you simply brush and floss like you normally do while also receiving regular dental care.

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