Glo Teeth Whitening – What Happens During a Glo Treatment?

Glo Huntsville, AL

Discolored teeth can be a challenge, but GLO® teeth whitening treatments could be just what you need to achieve the appearance you want. Time can be unkind to teeth, as spots and stains begin to show up. Luckily, this approach can make your teeth several shades whiter and keep them this way for the long term.

Deciding to get GLO treatment

It can be difficult to maintain white teeth without intervention. Certain foods and beverages such as fruits, vegetables, wine, juice and soda can stain teeth. Oral hygiene is another factor when it comes to managing discoloration. Years of poor brushing and flossing habits can contribute to yellow or brown teeth. The desire to get rid of these spots and have whiter teeth may lead some to seek treatment at the dentist’s office. Many people who are self-conscious about the color of their teeth find satisfaction in getting GLO.

Meeting with the dentist

It is important for patients to first discuss their needs and goals with the dentist. There are different teeth whitening options, including those in the office, those the person can take home and those the patient can purchase at a store. The dentist will talk about the GLO process and evaluate whether it makes sense for the patient. Once both parties agree to move forward with the treatment, the patient will schedule a time to come in for the procedure.

Short time in the chair

There are advantages to choosing in-office teeth whitening over take-home trays or other methods. When a person gets GLO, there is only one visit to the dentist’s office. Other whitening treatments require two or more appointments. From the time the patient gets into the chair until the moment the process is over, only about an hour will pass.

The procedure

A hygienist or assistant will prepare the patient and get them comfortable. The dentist then applies highly concentrated peroxide gel to the patient’s teeth. Next, the dentist places the GLO heat and light mouthguard into the person’s mouth. Together, these elements speed up the reaction time of the whitening solution, causing more whitening oxygen molecules to pass through the teeth.

After the treatment

Unlike other teeth whitening treatments that require continual use, GLO is a long-lasting solution. The patient should not have to return to the dentist’s office for follow-up work. It is important for the person to be vigilant about oral health care. The patient should use fluoride-based toothpaste twice a day. Using mouthwash consistently is also a helpful way to maintain white teeth.

Revive your smile

White teeth can brighten any person’s smile. If you are ready to do something about the stains on your teeth, talk to your dentist about getting GLO. This method is not only fast, but it is a pain-free way to treat your discolored teeth. Even if you have tried other strategies to whiten your teeth, it is time to go for GLO. Schedule an appointment today so you can get started on your new look.

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