Details About the All on Four Dental Implants Procedure

All on FourWhen you are looking to achieve a healthier mouth and a more attractive smile, consider receiving all on four dental implants at our Huntsville dental office. These implants are a great option to think about when you are in need of multiple dental replacements. We can help to restore the full function of your dental structure while also greatly improving the overall appearance of your smile.

What are All on Four Dental Implants

All on four dental implants are a treatment option to consider when one needs to replace almost all of one's teeth on the upper or lower arch of the dental structure. Like the name denotes, four implants will replace all of an individual's teeth.

Ideal Candidates for All on Four Dental Implants

  • Solid bone structure
  • Healthy immune system and mouth
  • No signs of periodontal disease
  • Proper bite alignment
  • No tobacco use
  • No chronic gum inflammation
  • Agreement to treat teeth gently following surgery no matter what it takes

If a patient meets these standards, then he or she is an ideal candidate for the procedure. We will still take X-rays and perform an oral evaluation upon visiting our office before we officially declare the patient a positive candidate.

Steps of All on Four Dental Implants

First, you will visit our office to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to proceed. We will then evaluate your dental structure and history.

Second, using a computer, we will digitally create the implant structure as it will appear in your mouth. This will allow the lab to produce a beautiful set of replacement teeth.

Third, during surgery we will extract any teeth that need to be removed, we will perform any bone shaping needed, and we will place your implants.

Fourth, we will cover implants with temporary teeth until your permanent replacement teeth are fabricated. They will help your implants to heal quickly.

Fifth, you will undergo a healing process. During this time, you should eat soft foods and treat your teeth gently.

Sixth, once your permanent teeth are ready, and your implants have fused to your jawbone, we will place your new teeth. These teeth will look natural, be tooth-colored, and remain durable and strong for decades.

How All on Four Dental Implants Differ From Traditional Implants

As opposed to traditional implants, all on four dental implants use purposeful angulation to create a more secure implant. We will typically place most dental implants straight into the jawbone. We will place our all on four implants at an angle. This angle keeps them more secure and provides a strong base for multiple replacement teeth.

Since all on four dental implants do not require as many implants for a full set of teeth, it is more affordable than traditional dental implants.

We complete this process in a quicker fashion than traditional implants, so it is much less time consuming.

If you are ready to have your teeth replaced, and you want it done quickly and efficiently, our all on four dental implants are right for you. For more information, visit or call our office in Huntsville at (256) 660-3089.

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