A Quick Guide to Six Month Smiles® [Teeth Straightening]

Six Month Smiles® Huntsville, AL

Six Month Smiles® is a new way for adults to straighten their teeth without going through all the hassles that go with traditional braces.

If you have misaligned teeth, it can seriously hinder your self-confidence and cause you to hide your smile. Many adults believe that the only way to have straighter teeth is with traditional braces. With advancing technology, this is no longer the case.

All about Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles vs. Braces

The biggest difference between Six Month Smiles and traditional braces is the time it takes to complete the entire treatment. Straightening teeth with braces can take anywhere from a year to two years. This does not even include the visits before and after treatment. With Six Month Smiles, the entire process only takes six to eight months. This is a great option if you want a quick transformation or want to avoid frequent orthodontic appointments.

Six Month Smiles also uses clear brackets and wires that can avoid the look that comes with traditional braces. With Six Month Smiles, you do not have to be worried about bringing extra attention to your teeth. These brackets make your treatment virtually undetectable. You can go to work or out with friends with absolute confidence.

However, it is also important to note that Six Month Smiles only straightens your front teeth. The system does not improve the way your teeth fit together. Traditional braces straighten your teeth while also realigning your jaws to correct your bite.


Six Month Smiles is generally less expensive than traditional braces and will also allow quicker treatment. That said, the length of treatment and your financing method will affect the total cost.

The process

During your consultation, your orthodontist will examine your teeth, gums and oral health to determine if Six Month Smiles will work for you. They may take X-rays and photographs as well as impressions of your teeth during this visit. The dentist will use these to create models that demonstrate how your teeth fit together.

If your dentist determines that you are a candidate, these models will be used by the laboratory to calculate what adjustments to make to straighten your teeth.

At your next appointment, you will be fitted with the clear brackets and tooth-colored archwires.

After the initial placement appointment, you will visit your dentist every four to five weeks for adjustments and tightening of the archwires until your treatment is complete. You can expect these appointments to take between 10 to 15 minutes.

The orthodontist will remove the brackets and wires after treatment.


You may need a retainer to keep your teeth straight after treatment. Your dentist will tell you which type of retainer you need.

Do you want to try Six Month Smiles?

Do you want to straighten your teeth but do not want to spend one or two years wearing braces? Call our office to see how we can improve your smile in six to eight months!

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